Lisbon Ripper

The Lisbon Ripper (Portuguese: Estripador de Lisboa) was a serial killer who, between 1992 and 1993 murdered three prostitutes in Lisbon, Portugal. José Pedro Guedes, aged 46, was revealed to be the killer in late 2011, nineteen years after the events, when his son Joel, aged 21, applied for the Secret Story - A Casa dos Segredos 2 reality show (in which contestants are kept locked away for 10 weeks in a house, and each contestant has to conceal a secret while everyone else has to try and discover it) with the secret "I know who the Lisbon Ripper is". This information aroused the Polícia Judiciária's suspicion. Before his arrest, José Guedes confessed details of the murders to the online edition of the Sol newspaper.

As of yet, José Guedes is under arrest, although he cannot be tried for the Lisbon Ripper murders as they had prescribed in 2008. However, he can still be convicted for murders that, allegedly, he had committed in Germany, where he immigrated, and in Aveiro, in 2000.

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  1. I think Guedes turned out to be a hoax wrt the Lisbon Ripper, but was arrested on another murder but acquitted.